I'm Stijn Bakker

I am a product strategist and software developer

I build digital products and platforms

I help organisations to become digital

I live in beautiful Haarlem

I write code for fun

I study computer science

I spend my free hours on building a platform and startup that supports general practitioners

I try to cram in time for piano, photography, philosophy and writing

I'm a professional

I used to be a musician, stage technician and producer

(2011 - 2016) - independent contractor

I then became hardware engineer and industrial designer

(2013 - 2017) - VanBerlo, Good Hotel London

I switched to branding, strategy and organisational design

(2016 - 2019) - Pezy Group, Delft University of Technology

I became a boardroom advisor and software developer for the KLM | BCG partnership

(2017 - 2020) - KLM, BCG

I started for myself as independent product owner and strategic execution advisor

(2020 - present) - Team.Blue, FastApp, Vief

I now focus on developing awesome digital products and organisations at RB2

(2021 - present) - RB2

Interested in what I do?

Drop me a line at stijn@stijnbakker.com

or connect with me on LinkedIn